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For beginners

1 Pack

With a one-month application you can get rid of small fat pads.

  • Get a month's supply. You will receive only one package.
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Great value

3 Packs

This package is intended only for users who really want to change their lives.

  • You will receive 3 packs once.
  • Save a whole 46% with this package
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Best seller

2 Packs

This package is also called "the new wardrobe package" by many, because many users no longer fit into their old clothes after successfully taking it and have to resort to smaller sizes.

  • You will receive 2 packs once.
  • Save 27% with this package
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really made a difference for me... took 2 weeks and already down quite a bit... pants definitely fit better now and no side effects so far... 5/5 stars will update when i'm done with the full box



It is really works

donna Williams


Does anyone know how long delivery takes please



Delivery took 2 weeks so a bit long but Just started my first packet least see if they are really this good??? 🤞



Overall satisfied since it worked for me immediately. One star deduction because the health insurance does not cover the treatment. I guess they'd rather sell gastric surgeries.



so appetite suppressants i don't find the pills but i have definitely lost weight somehow as i also fit back into my summer pants from 2 years ago that was definitely not possible before and that's the only thing that matters to me just get this damn fat off my belly and arms



I take the capsule daily with breakfast. It is small and pleasant to swallow. Since I have been taking them, I have more energy. My headaches have also disappeared. I also feel an increase in my well-being and vitality.The substance is also an appetite suppressant. I eat much less.



i tolerated it very well and had no problems. i would say i lost 6 kilos in a month even though i drank a lot of alcohol because corona is now gone and you are finally allowed out!!! i like the pills very much



1.5 weeks and I have lost 2.5 kg quite easy and relaxed. 😍❤️❤️❤️Am very happy.



Ok these pills may do something but what if you can't afford the price? Health insurance companies refuse to cover this, of course. They're probably too busy paying for those stupid vaccinations!!!



Take the tablets for two weeks and am very satisfied

Louis Sha


They have helped me well.



after the first week of taking had much less hunger and felt only half eaten. scale has started after 2 weeks with me indicate a lower weight. have so far no side effects and am satisfied.



I have bought these tablets for the third time now. I have to say they have helped me with weight loss and the ingredients make me feel healthier somehow. I can only recommend you the capsules, I take them during the meal and everything is good.



i have been taking the tablets for a few days now and i must admit that i have the feeling that it works. it's good that the capsules are caffeine-free, so you can sleep well and lose some weight at the same time. i think it's great :-)

Emma Alexander


Am now on my 2. Pack and have quite good results. Without much change I have lost 11 and that is perfect. I can confirm less hunger!



Everything worked very well and my friend with whom I do it together also has good results so far after 3 weeks.



My doctor prescribed me these pills 6 weeks ago and I have one pack empty.... on the scale there are 6 kilos less... which is already a lot for me... i still have more to lose but I think I can do it with this... unfortunately, no health insurance pays for these capsules and you have to pay for them yourself... but they do help and I have ordered another pack ... if I can then lose as much weight again I have already reached the goal then LG Alexandra Rommel

louise doyle


Fast delivery. Nice customer service. I tolerate capsules very well. I have lost weight in any case but I have not weighed myself because I do not have a scale at home. Tina.



Delivery has taken a LONG time!!! Have waited 5 days for the package!!! Packaging also NOT as expected. But so far quite GOOD success (3 kilos in the first week). Will still wait and edit this review after I finish this application. Yours sincerely, D. Schulte



Where should I start...? So first of all very nice contact with customer service (DHL has lost my package). This was resolved very quickly to my satisfaction. The application is really easy as it is taken only 1x a day with a glass of water. Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything during the first week and my motivation was in the basement. I had already thought that I would stop the treatment because it does not work for me. However, the many customer reviews gave me hope and I continued taking it. The second week my husband noticed that I ate much less (he only noticed because he does the dishes at our house and my plates were not empty). That really surprised me. I don't weigh myself often (only once a month) and have done so with the application. After the pack (I had ordered only one) the scale showed 7kg less. This is a good success for me, because otherwise I always have problems with losing weight. I have just ordered the second pack and am writing this review as a small thank you (and that other users find courage and confidence). My husband is also positively surprised, but we (or I) are not there yet at the goal and will again try another pack. Love from the Black Forest, Ricarda



Has worked very well and are also not too big to swallow them with which I usually always have problems. Think for the bikini body is really the fastest way to get rid of stubborn pads

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